Light Responsive Template for Joomla 3.x

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This Module shows a list of the most recently registered Users.

Latest Users module in a side column (on the right):

  • Create a "Latest Users" module
  • Set the module position to side
  • No module suffix needed
  • Result is visible on the right (right or left position of the sidebar is set in the template options).

Latest Users module inside a content page (below):

  • Create a "Latest Users" module, named e.g. Latest Users - in Content
  • Set the module position to latest-users-in-content (just type it in)
  • No module suffix needed
  • In the article, insert the following code in curly brackets: loadposition latest-users-in-content
  • Result is visible below
Latest Users module inside an article:

  • test2
  • test1